Congratulations To Our Warehouse Supervisor Liam Sykes: Now A Level 3 Team Leader

At Broder Metals Group, we thrive on the abilities of every team member. Employees who pursue their training and development with determination and commitment ensure that the company can offer a dedicated performance to clients, stakeholders, and the local community.

Team Leadership

For the last 18 months, one of our team member has been pursuing something new. Under the watchful eye of the Source Skills Academy in Sheffield, Liam Sykes has completed his Level Three Team Leader/Supervisor qualification with a Distinction. In his role as warehouse supervisor, Liam plays a key role keeping day-to-day activities running smoothly.

What Did The Course Entail?

Offering valuable skills, the qualification is a tough one. Liam had to undertake both coursework and practical demonstrations. These included budgeting and product costing, as well as studying leadership theories, psychology, and communication.

For Liam, the course was a great learning experience. “Since finishing the course, I’m more organised,” he explains, “not just with the work, but with my team.” This is because the Level Three qualification places a strong emphasis on the psychological dynamics of teamwork so that leaders such as Liam can empower those around them to enhance their performance.

Modular, On-The-Job Training

Liam had to study ten modules over eighteen months, followed by a four-hour exam, but it was worth it. “Self-awareness is now massive for me in understanding how I come across to people, such as how a differently worded email can make a real difference to how others interpret it,” he says. Clear communication is one of the fundamental elements of good warehouse management, especially when organising a team across a large and complex area.

The difference that these skills make benefits the whole company, which is why Broder Metals Group was proud to sponsor and support a dedicated team member such as Liam. It’s an important milestone in a journey that has seen Liam evolve from warehouse team member into the leader he always had the potential to be.

And has the experience put him off taking his qualifications further? “Not at all!” Liam says. The next step is most likely to be a Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager course, which is the equivalent of a foundation degree.

We look forward to continuing to support Liam’s efforts as he undertakes further training!

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Liam achieved his Level 3 Team Leader with Distinction