Your Valve Exhibition 2017 Pocket Guide

While we all know how important it is to get out of the office and meet prospects face to face, when faced with a heavy work load we can be reactive instead of proactive, leaving business development by the wayside. With exhibitions costing valuable time and money it’s hard to distinguish the most effective, particularly when defending sales pitches from all angles. However, when done correctly, attending events can become a valuable strategy within your sales plan, simultaneously building your brand image and customer base. Luckily we have created a handy list of the best exhibitions of 2017, to help you navigate around the brightest events this year, along with some pointers for when you attend.

Oil and Gas Industry Conference
14-15th June Aberdeen

Firstly, the Oil and Gas Industry Conference is a UK based event with attendees including government and regulators as well as prospective buyers. With a prestigious level of speeches and focus sessions from market specialists, the event is focused around new market trends and entrees – making it ideal for revisiting your own strategy if the first half of your year has been lacklustre.

Pumps & Valves 2017
4-5th October Rotterdam

Secondly, with Valve World residing in America this year, those looking to go to a product specific exhibit should look no further than Pumps & Valves. Being one of the fastest growing B2B events since its 2015 inception, this is a keen contender if you can plan an overseas business trip.

Maximising Your Experience

Get inspired – Thought about expanding into new markets but not sure how? Going to a product specific conference such as PCV Expo can be the perfect introduction, allowing you to see first-hand how other businesses have expanded their industry coverage.

Mix it up- exhibitions tend to attract the same customers each year, with many businesses budgeting the repeat stall cost annually. For wider exposure aim to attend new exhibitions each year, or if reattending larger events map a different route around them.

Plan your events strategy – As expected you will get the most out of your conversations if you research beforehand and come prepared. Business cards will get lost among the masses and you may forget who is going to an event unless you keep a mapped list of attendees.

Last of all have fun, and be sure to let us know which events you won`t be missing this year…

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Your Valve Exhibition 2017 Pocket Guide