The Broder Metallurgy Course

Broder Metals Group is well known for its “Knowledge Transfer” – weekly sessions where pure knowledge is transmitted from those that know to those that do not. Any topic: business related, steel related, life related, accounts related or even who is related to whom at Broder (very popular topic as we can never keep up).

Now, rumour has it that Mike is writing his own metallurgy course for the new staff and other abducted attendees. Far be it from me to challenge what Mike knows about metallurgy, but I did sneak a look at his subject list and wondered a little bit if it is time for his holiday:

Topic 1 – Introduction – corruption and corrosion in high places, low places and Alloy 625.
Topic 2 – History and steel classifications – lies, damned lies and Sex on the A4-80
Topic 3 – Standards and Specifications – making a silk purse out of a silk purse and fitting it to a stainless steel flange
Topic 4 – Steel properties – another housing boom, more T41 obviously needed
Topic 5 – Chemistry – more Sex while discussing the Delta phase of Alloy 718 API 6A
Topic 6 – Melting – how fearless hearts wins fair ladle when creating Alloy A-286/660
Topic 7 – Hot working – summer at last, time for some CuNi3Si
Topic 8 – Heat Treatment – Temper tantrums about BroderNab Topic 9 – Cold working – Winter is coming (all too soon for K500)
Topic 10 – Testing times, to make us ready for the pipework fittings
Topic 11 – to be announced, or thought of the night before.

If anyone would like to grab a place at the opening ceremony (or please – any other time!) let me know and we will choose one of the many volunteers to bribe me so they can give up their place!

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The Broder Metallurgy Course