We’re Members Of The British Valve & Actuator Association

At Broder Metals Group, we are proud to be members of the British Valve & Actuator Association (BVAA), the UK’s professional association for valve and actuator manufacturers. The Association represents 200+ UK manufacturers, employing over 9,000 people and contributing £3 billion to the British economy each year.

The purpose of the BVAA is to support high standards of engineering quality and customer service in the industry, deliver business opportunities, and be a strong voice for UK businesses.

The BVAA is respected in the UK, EU and internationally for its professionalism and depth of knowledge, allowing it to play a valued consultative role in regulations and guidelines affecting the industry.

Our membership gives us an important contribution in establishing the engineering standards of the future. Members are involved in more than 50 steering committees, whose work includes maintaining quality standards, improving efficiency and promoting higher health and safety standards.

The Positive Work Of The BVAA

We appreciate the opportunity membership brings to give something back to the industry – outside of our direct business activities. It also brings direct benefits to our customers through the insight provided by membership. During BVAA networking events, symposiums and conferences, we can meet many of our suppliers directly and discuss the trends and concerns shaping the industry.

The metallurgy sector is changing in response to global raw material availability. Organisations like the BVAA are an important outlet for knowledge sharing and responsive action, establishing strategies to improve the resilience of the industry.

It is thanks to the ongoing research and lobbying work of the BVAA that valves and actuators manufactured in the UK are some of the best in the world. We are proud to play our small part in helping this remain so long into the future.

BVAA Opportunities

BVAA membership has many benefits, one of which being the opportunity to attend or exhibit at various industry events. Events are a great place for us to network with fellow industry professionals and customers, whether current or potential. This year alone, we have attended three events courtesy of BVAA.

We presented at Annual Suppliers Day where we had the chance to showcase our stock to new customers and got a glimpse of upcoming BVAA plans. This event allowed only 15 presenters including ourselves so it was an honour to be chosen.

We also attended the Spring Conference, where BVAA members set up pop-up stands for customers to view and enquire at as they choose. We had the chance to sit in on 3 seminars – the subjects being Brexit, the future of oil & gas, and how to make the most of your BVAA membership.

Finally, we were invited to the AGM & Annual Dinner, where we were one of six presenting metal stockists. The event included a black-tie dinner and three fascinating seminars (on the subjects of Brexit, Intellectual Property, and Import/Export rules under Brexit, respectively), as well as a chance to network and discuss future business opportunities.

Membership to the British Valve Actuator Assocation comes with many benefits and is a testament to the integrity of our work. We are proud to call ourselves members.

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Image source: BVAA

We’re Members Of The British Valve & Actuator Association