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MP35N is a nickel-cobalt alloy with an extensive combination of winning properties- extreme high strength, toughness ductility and superb corrosion resistance, however not all of these properties occur at the same time. As a material with a wide range in variability depending on treatment, it can be problematic purchasing the correct type. To select the best variant and treatment of MP35N for your use, look no further than here.

Corrosion Resistant – Oil and Gas
NACE MR 01-75 / ISO 15166 (2009)

NACE MR 01-75 is the most corrosion resistant form of MP35N, with excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in severe environments, for e.g. hydrogen sulphide, salt water, chloride solutions and in mineral acids such as nitric, hydrochloric and sulphur. NACE MR 01-75 is used most commonly for oil field equipment and is one of the few approved alloys for use as springs at hardness levels above RC50.

High Strength – Aerospace, Medical and Dental
AMS 5844 – solution treated and cold drawn bars
AMS 5845 – solution heat treated, cold drawn and aged bars

Within the aerospace industry the highest strength variant of MP35N is used. The biocompatible and durable nature of high strength MP35N also means that it is used for dentistry and medical purposes.

Fastener Standards

AMS 7468 – bolts and screws, forged head, roll threaded after ageing
This is the specification given specifically to the  ariant of MP35N used widely to create fasteners for a number of industries, due to its good bearing qualities in high temperature.

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Broder Metals Group hold MP35N stock from 12.7 mm (1/2”) to 76.2 mm (3”), mainly in the optimum SCC (NACE) condition, along with selected smaller sizes of AMS material. Material can also be supplied as cold drawn tubing on a leadtime.

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Tackling Global Manufacturing Competition