Steel Safeguards Provide Reassurance For UK Steel Market

The past two years have generated considerable uncertainty in many areas of industry, with the last-minute Brexit resolution and speculation about global trade deals dominating the headlines. However, in 2018, EU safeguards were implemented to protect the UK’s steel industry, which were absorbed into UK law at the end of the Transition Period in early 2021 to prevent a surge of cheaper steel flooding the UK as the US introduced tariffs.

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No End To Steel Safeguards?

While the measures are due to expire at the end of June 2021, experts are urging the Government to extend them to protect the UK steel industry. UK Steel is confident that both the EU and the US will retain their safeguards, so it will be in the UK’s industry’s interest for the measures to be maintained in their current form – particularly at a time when exports of British steel to the EU and US are subject to quotas and tariffs.

From 2013 to 2017 – before the EU introduced steel safeguards – imports of steel to the UK increased by a quarter. If measures were to be removed in June, it is likely that this would rise further, due to a combination of import restrictions in other countries and a global oversupply of steel. Existing safeguards facilitate tariff-free imports over and above historic levels, while gradual and measured relaxation over the next few years could allow the import of some foreign products where necessary.

Protecting The Quality Of UK Steel

With the supply of cheap, often substandard, steel from certain overseas markets, securing durable and reliable high-grade steel is more important than ever. Continued safeguards will help to prioritise domestic steel production, ensuring businesses can access high-quality materials that can be traced to UK sources, avoiding the risk of purchasing imports of cheap, low-grade steel from overseas markets.

Broder Metals Group supply high-tensile stainless steel, duplex / super-duplex and nickel alloys, underpinned by our ISO 9001 and AS 9120 quality system to guarantee high-quality and reliability for use in a variety of applications in many different industrial sectors.

In the post-Brexit world, the future of UK steel looks healthy and, by working in partnership with suppliers such as Broder Metals Group, businesses have the reassurance of excellent quality, workmanship, and delivery.

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Image source: Pixabay