New Health And Safety Initiatives At Broder Metals Group

At Broder Metals Group, health and safety is our priority, a proactive approach which means we’ve had no significant accidents in the last five years. In fact, we’ve been fortunate to see nothing more than an occasional minor cut! However, despite our exemplary health and safety record, we’ve decided to partner with Citation, a leading UK business that has provided expert advice to a range of industries in health and safety, employment law, and HR for over a quarter of a century.

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Why Did We Decide To Link Up With Citation?

During the pandemic, we were introduced to a series of webinars from Citation on health and safety, particularly the changing best practices related to Covid-19.  Despite our very good health and safety record, we know there is always scope to do even better, and by raising our awareness of health and safety procedures, Citation impressed us so much that we committed to a seven-year deal with the company, securing our future health and safety procedures and safeguarding our personnel, our suppliers, and our customers.

What Benefits Will Citation Offer?

By engaging with Citation, we look forward to several key benefits:

  • A thorough health and safety audit that will enable us to review existing policies and procedures and identify potential hazards in the workplace.
  • Expert advice in a range of health and safety areas, including fire safety, COSHH, and manual handling.
  • Access to Citation’s Atlas platform for all our employees, which will enable us to create and distribute risk assessments and new company policies.
  • Bespoke staff training and development in health and safety, selecting from the extensive portfolio of courses on the Atlas platform.
  • Personalised development pathways for staff that develop a record of achievement over time.

Our partnership with Citation will also provide us with a professional review of our employment contracts and policies by an HR specialist, to ensure we are achieving industry-wide best practices.

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If you’re looking for a metal stockist that puts the health and safety and professional development of employees first, get in touch with Broder Metals Group today. By working with us, you can be sure of an ethical partnership that delivers a safe working environment and exceptional customer service, whatever your needs.

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Image source: Citation 

New Health And Safety Initiatives At Broder Metals Group