Overview Of Material Grade F55 | UNS S32760 | 1.4501

Suitable for use in harsh environments, typically marine, with high impact strength at sub-zero temperatures and excellent corrosion resistance, F55 | UNS S32760 is a cost effective high alloyed Super Duplex Stainless Steel.

With a roughly equal split of austenitic and ferrite microstructure, the steel combines high mechanical strength ( up to 600MPa yield strength ) and good ductility for additional use in a wide range of Oil and Gas production environments.

With 25% Chrome, 7% Nickel, 3.6% Moly and also Copper, Tungsten and Nitrogen It has a PREN, pitting resistance equivalent of >40.0 to guarantee high resistance to pitting corrosion as well as high resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

Originally developed for pump applications in the North Sea as a sea water resistant material its is now widely used in Sea water systems, Subsea pipework, Desalination plants, Valves and Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Storage tanks and pressure vessels and increasingly in Sour-gas environments.

As well as the round bar that we stock it`s form covers; plate and sheet, tube and pipe, forgings, flanges and welding wire.

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F55 Material | UNS S32760 | 1.4501