How To Source Products Or Grades Not In Your Current Portfolio

Sourcing the right metals for your business, at the required grade, can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. If you can’t obtain the necessary material for the best value, your company’s productivity and profits can suffer.

As you gradually expand your portfolio, metal sourcing becomes more challenging, especially if you have limited resources to devote to investigating the available options. Seeking guidance from trusted experts is a proactive and stress-free step that will give you immediate access to the full range of metals and grades, so you can focus on high-quality fabrication.


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How Can Broder Metals Group Help Find The Metal I Need?

At Broder Metals Group, our experienced and knowledgeable team has the expertise in metal sourcing to help you to find exactly what you require. Bring details of your requirement to us and we can source the materials for you, bringing your hunt to a swift and productive conclusion.


What If You Don’t Stock The Metal Or Grade I Require?

Metal sourcing at Broder Metals Group is made incredibly easy due to the large volume of stock we carry. We can also source less common materials or even convert standard materials to meet your specifications. Let us know what you need, and we’ll do the hard work for you.


I Need To Source A Metal Regularly. Can Broder Metals Group Help?

If you need a particular metal on a regular basis, you will need the reassurance that you’ll be able to obtain it when necessary, as stock problems will cause delays in your production line or downstream supply chain.

Whether you require a metal every week, month or year, our stocking agreements will ensure you receive supplies at regular intervals, giving you the confidence to plan for the future without the risk of low availability. We will ensure that your business is supplied with the materials you require according to our agreed schedule, eliminating the frustrating search for new stock that consumes your time and threatens to upend your schedules.


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How To Source Products Or Grades Not In Your Current Portfolio