F44 vs F55 Corrosion Resistant Steel

F44 and F55 steel are both resistant to corrosion, and are used in a number of industrial applications. What, then, are the differences between these steel grades? Let’s take a look.

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Properties Of The Two Metals

With its high levels of chromium and nickel, and low levels of carbon, F44 is classified as a fully austenitic alloy. It contains 6% molybdenum, giving it excellent corrosion resistance, even in aggressive aqueous environments; it is extremely resistant to pitting, cracking and crevice corrosion. It is much stronger than conventional varieties of austenitic alloy, with a tensile strength between 655 and 850 MPa.

F55 offers a minimum tensile strength of 750 MPa. It is also corrosion resistant, particularly in seawater and chloride environments. It is capable of resisting corrosion at both high and low temperatures. In particular, the FLT and FLT+ varieties have been tested in cryogenic environments, with temperatures as low as -101°C.

Applications And Uses

There are several applications for which F44 is suitable. It is commonly used within the chemical and food processing industry, as well as in paper manufacturing, and in offshore and marine environments.

Thanks to its resistance to corrosion, F44 is often used in aggressive aqueous settings. For example, it is ideally suited to use for piping in chemical processing. However, it can also be used for paper bleaching vats, pollution control systems, heat exchangers, pumps and valves, and different types of chemical processing environment.


At Broder Metals, we hold many of the most commonly used forms in stock; this ensures that you’ll get your order in a timely fashion, with no need to wait for processing. We hold stock of round bar F44 in sizes ranging from 12.7mm to 189mm. Additional sizes can be made to order.

Our stock of F55 goes from 12.7mm to 127mm. Again, additional sizes are available on request; please get in touch if you are interested. We strive to offer a competitive lead-time on any bespoke orders, so you’ll never have long to wait. To find out more, or to make an order, please contact one of our advisers today. We’re always happy to discuss your needs and to help you find the right metal for the job.


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