Custom Stockholding And Consigning Arrangements Now Available At Broder Metals Group

If your business relies on the prompt delivery of essential raw materials for fabrication and manufacturing, you’ll understand the importance of receiving resources on-time, so that goods can be produced and shipped to your customers when they need it. Entrusting the supply of metals to a company that tries to maintain stock levels without considering the individual needs of its customers is likely to lead to stock-outs and long delivery times. At Broder Metals Group, we understand that your business needs the confidence that we will supply the right materials at the right time, avoiding both stock-outs and surpluses.

That’s why we’re able to set up custom stockholding and consigning arrangements that match the unique needs of your business, as these three mini case studies demonstrate:

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Case Study 1: Pre-Cut Bar Shipped In Manageable Batches

A supplier of F1 motor racing components has enjoyed a consignment stock agreement with Broder Metals for a decade, minimising the quantity of waste to maximise cost-effectiveness. We purchase two sizes of round bar, and cut to specific lengths so that the customer can manufacture components without unnecessary waste. Each section, which is labelled with a unique identification number, is shipped to the customer for them to store on their site, allowing for rapid fabrication. This eliminates the need for the customer to wait for the bar to be cut and shipped, which would dramatically increase lead times.  They then simply notify us once a month of how many pieces they have used.

As stock runs low or orders increase, the customer can request the next batch, which is shipped promptly, avoiding incidences of low supply, and enabling the production line to continue uninterrupted.

Case Study 2: Part-Coded Products Ensure Priority Requests Are Fulfilled On-Time

By identifying the products that are used most often, a manufacturer of valves and pumps provides us with the information necessary to maintain custom stock so that orders can be shipped immediately, for next day or even same-day delivery. We stock the materials under the customer’s own part-codes for fast and accurate ordering. For example, the customer will request a particular item at a required length, so we can cut and despatch it straight away.

Our customer also benefits from a straightforward pricing structure, so that there are no unwanted surprises, and the reassurance that we manage our custom stock levels to ensure timely consignment in response to the customer’s needs.

Case Study 3: Agreed Stock Levels Provide A Greater Focus On Quality Testing And Control

As an approved supplier to a company that provides valves to the oil and gas sector, we test our stock material to ensure that it meets their specifications before bidding on tenders for six-monthly periods. Once the material has been approved by our customer, we maintain stock levels and ship directly to their sub-contractors as required.

Arranging A Custom Stockholding And Consignment Agreement

At Broder Metals Group, we can maintain custom stocks for your business, to ensure that you receive the raw materials at the right price and specification, eradicating inaccuracies, wastage, and stock-outs. To discuss setting up a custom stockholding and consignment arrangement, get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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