A Nice Compliment From Metal Conversion Calculator

At Broder Metals Group, we are used to nice compliments when we ask customers about our service.

They tend to pick out our same day / next day delivery, our 97% on time delivery performance across the whole of 2013, or our equally quick response to quotations and our friendly attitude. However it is even nicer when a customer, let’s call him Garry from a leading fastener manufacturer from Wolverhampton, took the time to email last week:

“OMG – What a brilliant tool that calculator is – Well and truly saved in my favourites!
Tell Mark from Me that I’m impressed
Sorting out an order …..”
(Was that last sentence the best bit?)

Of course what Garry was talking about was our Metal Conversion Calculator. Whenever we need to know the weight of a length of Alloy 718 we can look in the weight calculator and follow the selections to give us the value we need. Similarly, if we want to check that our Alloy T41 (the high temperature bolting product) is within a particular spec which calls for a HBW hardness range, but the mill cert only gives HRC, we can use the hardness calculator to select the given value for HBW and are presented with the equivalent hardness in all other applicable measures. The same applies for the tensile strength calculator.

We did develop this tool for our own staff, to ensure that we give only the most accurate and correct information to customers, and put it on the website so that everyone knew where they could find it so they have the full range of relevant metal conversions available – but we also like to share and it is nice to know that our sharing has made at least one customer happy.
Good on you Garry.

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A Nice Compliment From Metal Conversion Calculator