Continuing a ‘Greener’ path for Broder

With November heralding COP 26 Glasgow in our thoughts, reducing our Carbon Footprint continues!

Broder Metals Group is making a commitment to improve our environmental credentials, with the added benefit of helping staff unwind/relax in the future.

Over the last few years, we have actioned the following energy saving improvements:

  • New Double Glazed Windows & Doors
  • Energy Efficient Office Lighting
  • Solar Panels

Turning our attention to the outside of our site, the following is in hand:

  • Planting more trees (2 were planted in the Staff Garden this weekend)
  • Creating a welcoming & sensory space that our staff can relax in (When it’s a bit warmer)
  • Introducing more colour for as much of the year as we can and provide aromatic plants that will help our staff unwind and reduce stress.
  • We will begin the transformation of the current Green space from Spring next year.

Future plans include a separate “Wild” flower area, and hopefully (if Nectar and Pollen levels are adequate) a Bee Hive.

We’ve always said that there’s a ‘Buzz’ about the place at ‘Bee MG’ 

You never know, there may be a free sample of Honey included with our Alloy 625Alloy 718 & MP35N (In addition to our other core grades) with steel deliveries in the future!

Additional information regarding COP 26 Glasgow here