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Comparison UNS R30035 vs Alloy 718

Comparison MP35N vs Alloy 718

UNS R30035 MP35N / ATI 35N & UNS N07718 Alloy 718 are often seen as competing alloys, although the reality is that the choice between which to use is not a simplistic one versus the other.  Each has specific properties that make it ideal for particular applications. This article will consider the strengths of each alloy.

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MP35N™ | UNS R30035 - Welding Of UNS R30035

How To Weld Alloy UNS R30035

The combination of the chemistry of UNS R30035 (33-37% Nickel, 19-21% Chrome, and 9-10.5% Molybdenum, small additions of Titanium and Iron (1% max each), Carbon, Manganese, Silicon, Phosphorous and Sulphur (all less than 0.15% each), and with Cobalt as the balancing element (around 33%) together with the strength and toughness imparted by cold working and

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Alloy 718 - Broder Metals Group

How To Machine Alloy MP35N

The strength, toughness and hardness of UNS R30035 (also known as MP35N) – between 180-230 ksi Yield Strength, and up to 51 HRC – depending on whether produced to meet NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 or AMS 5844 / AMS 5845 make this a difficult alloy for our customers to tackle, unless they have prior

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Types of MP35N UNS R30035 and the basic properties

MP35N / UNS R30035 (also ATI 35N): A Versatile Alloy For The Aerospace, Oil & Gas, & Motor Sport Industries

UNS R30035, more readily known by its trademark names MP35N™ – SPS Technologies LLC / Latrobe Speciality Metals / Carpenter Technology Corporation – and ATI 35N™ – ATI Speciality Metals – is a cobalt-nickel alloy with a unique combination of properties that provide ultra high strength, toughness, ductility, and outstanding corrosion resistance. UNS R30035 is

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