Brexit Ready – Broder Metals Group Employees Receive UK Customs Academy Training

The change in export requirements following the completion of Brexit in January left many UK exporters (and their European partners) scratching their heads.  Businesses faced long shipping delays in the early part of this year and have had to make a number of adjustments to accommodate the new customs requirements without it impacting their customers.  Broder was no exception to that, but the measures we put in place prior to January, and the modifications since then, have meant a generally smooth transition, and most importantly, no disappointed customers!

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A key part of our ‘Brexit Ready’ strategy has been ensuring our team have the relevant training and qualifications to deal directly with UK Customs if required. This equips us to answer customer queries directly, and avoids both shipping delays and dependence on third-party providers to manage customs compliance for us.

Five members of staff have now been trained through the UK Customs Academy, a training provider set up by HMRC to provide businesses with resources, qualifications, and up-to-date knowledge on customs procedures.

Level 2: Certificate in Customs Practice & Procedure

All five began their training last year by qualifying for the Level 2 Certificate in Customs Practice & Procedure. This involved passing an introductory six-module course that provided the trainees with a general understanding of customs concepts, processes and terminology. The modules covered how to calculate import duty, how to correctly file customs declarations, how export and import controls are levied on different categories of goods, and how processes and procedures apply to different destinations (e.g. USA, EU, China etc).

Level 3: Certificate in Customs Compliance

Building on this foundation, three employees have subsequently gone on to the Level 3 Certificate in Customs Compliance, an intermediate course that recognises successful graduates as Associate Customs Practitioners (ACPs). The course – again consisting of six modules – provides applicants with all the knowledge they need to prepare and lodge customs declarations with HMRC, with a thorough grounding in import and export procedures. The course syllabus covers customs law and regulations, classification of goods by origin, valuation, and duty, tariff classifications, and rules surrounding points of origin.

Congratulations to all five employees for their hard work qualifying for their courses while balancing the demands of their day-to-day roles. Thank you.

Next steps

With a good level of customs knowledge and a firm understanding of export compliance in-house, our customers can continue to order from Broder Metals Group in confidence. All transactions to customers outside the UK are handled in full compliance with current customs laws, with all duties and paperwork lodged correctly and on time in order to ensure rapid shipment. To find out more about export requirements and how these have changed since Brexit, please feel free to give us a call.

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