Assetto Motorsport’s Max Dodds visits Broder Metals Group with his Ginetta G40

Here at Broder Metals Group, we are all about speed of service, and finding new and better ways to get product to customers for just when they want it.Ginetta G40
So, when we had the opportunity to sponsor an up-and-coming young racing driver, Maxwell Dodds, we thought it fitted well with what we’re about.

Surely we thought, what Maxwell needs to know to be able to get around places like Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Oulton Park, Donnington Park, etc. at speeds of up to 150 mph is bound to be useful knowledge for us!
Maxwell has moved up to car racing this year after being a successful go-kart champion and is doing really well – see quote below from the results of a recent race:

‘Ginetta Junior Scholarship winner Robert de Haan (Richardson Racing) and Max Dodds (Assetto Motorsport) have also impressed with three trophies apiece to date’  Please click the link for full results analysis below:

However, although the season has been underway for a couple of months now, due to Covid restrictions, we hadn’t had chance to get Max down to our head office to meet everyone.Maxwell Dodds Ginetta

So when we found out that he would be passing, with his Ginetta G40, after some practice at Blyton Park, Gainsborough, we thought we would amend that situation.

Despite the dire weather forecast, the sun stayed out long enough for a few photos of the car in front of our building before we retreated into the warehouse for a little party for staff and their families, with drinks (non-alcoholic of course) and snacks laid on to accompany a brilliant Q&A with Maxwell, his father, Oliver, and Jim Edwards the Assetto Motorsport coach & mentor.Broder Metals Group


As the afternoon wore on, there were a few attempts from our drivers to hide the car within our racking space, but Maxwell was adept at keeping a close eye on where the car went, while quite a few young ladies’ heads seem to have been turned by the sight of Maxwell …. or the car …… or perhaps it was just the thrill of being able to be back at Broder after 15 months of working from home! What do you think?

Ginetta Maxwell Dodds