Applications Of Alloy 718 Within The Oil & Gas And Aerospace Markets

UNS NO7718 is a popular choice of material in the oil and gas, and aerospace markets, due to its exceptional performance at extremes of temperature and under load. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the renewable energy sector, thanks to its excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and weldability.

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Being a precipitation hardening nickel chromium alloy, Alloy 718 performs exceptionally well at low and high-temperature extremes, from -423°F to 1300°F, while its high chromium content resists oxidisation to temperatures of approximately 1800°F. Durability is a crucial feature of the alloy, offering excellent tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength, as well as a high resistance to post-weld cracking. Inconel resists corrosion in many harsh environments, including the effects of organic and inorganic acids, sour gases, and hydrogen sulphide, making it suitable for use in the oil, gas, and chemical industries, in which it has become a widespread material.

Alloy 718 Oil And Gas Applications

High temperatures, extremes of pressure, and corrosive gases can be damaging in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, materials with a high structural load require exceptional strength and corrosion resistance to be effective. With increased chromium and molybdenum content, Alloy 718 offers superior resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, while the addition of niobium and titanium enables precipitation hardening for increased strength and durability.

718 is widely used in a range of contexts in the oil and gas industry, including for gate valves, choke stems, high-strength fasteners, and in oil tools. Alloy 718 also plays a vital role in important downhole components, including safety valves, side-pocket inhibitors, seal assemblies, and hangers, providing reliable, corrosion-resistant, and robust solutions.

Broder Metals Group stocks Alloy 718 to API 6A CRA and NACE to meet most requirements within the oil industry, with sizes from 12.7mm (1/2”) to 203.2mm (8”) diameter, along with plate, forgings and other products sourced to meeting demanding end-user specifications. We can also convert billet to non-standard sizes, or to fill in gaps between mill deliveries.

Alloy 718 Aerospace Applications

Originally designed for use in aerospace due to its strength and durability, Alloy 718 is a common choice for engine parts, such as discs, fan blades, and high-pressure compressor casings. Due to its high heat resistance, it is also used in the manufacture of rocket engines.

Approximately half of all components in aircraft engines are constructed from Inconel Alloy 718. Nickel alloys are especially suitable for high temperature, high-pressure environments in aviation, where corrosion, creep, and thermal shock resistance are necessary for safe operation.

We hold stocks of Alloy 718 to AMS 5662 in 38.1mm (1.1/2”) to 177.8mm (7”) and AMS 5663 (ASTM B637) in 25.4mm (1”) to 177.8mm (7”) round bar. All of our material is of UK, EU or USA origin and is fully traceable to original mill cast, backed by our ISO9001 and AS9120 quality approvals.

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Applications Of Alloy 718 Within The Oil & Gas And Aerospace Markets