Additional Machining Services From Broder Metals Group

At Broder Metals Group we can offer not only the supply of your base material needs but also pre-machined and fully finished machining services through our network of expert machining companies. We offer the most cost-effective solution to your requirements depending on shape, size, complexity, and material grade.

Our technical team includes an apprentice trained and fully qualified to degree level Mechanical Engineer who can interpret your technical drawing or CAD model. From this we can advise or select for you material size and the optimum machining service.

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Specific machining services we can offer include:


From small components of 5mm in diameter, through to 1600mm diameter, and up to 5 metres in length.


For small diameter bore removal of components.

From 45mm internal diameter to 80mm internal diameter up to 1.2m in depth depending on drill size.


Includes trepanning where applicable, material can be removed to create rings and shapes.

Our machine shops can remove material up to 1500mm internal diameter to 5 metres in length, depending on the bore size.


For accurate and tight bore tolerances, the bore of your component can have the secondary operation of honing to achieve a tolerance of ±0.05mm from diameters ranging from 63mm to 1500mm.


Heat Treatment

Heat treatment covers a wide range of processes ranging from changing the properties of the base material to providing post-machining stress relieve and straightening.

If you have a requirement for a grade in a different condition than one readily available, our Technical Department will be able to suggest whether a re-heat treatment cycle to convert the material to the specific condition you require will be feasible and advisable. After treatment, we can test the material to ensure the success of the treatment.

If your specification requires a heat treatment cycle post machining, we can provide the following heat treatment operations: Ageing, Stress Relieve, Vertical Stress Relieve, Carburising & Hardening and Nitriding.

Post stress relieve straightening is also available.

How to Obtain More Information

For more information on any of the services that we offer at Broder Metals Group, or to arrange a quote, simply get in touch today and one of our knowledgeable experts will be delighted to assist.

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Additional Machining Services From Broder Metals Group